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Our Story

Rajesh Madan and Mohit Sareen, the two Jungli founders have two things in common – their passion for wildlife and their out-of-the-box entrepreneurship spirit.
A casual break to Corbett in 2015 with like-minded entrepreneurs led them to the learning that there’s nothing better than a relaxed wild environment to stimulate ideas and forge bonds among perfect strangers. A realisation dawned that people can fake it over a cup of coffee or a dinner but their true identity is understood when they spend some undistracted, quality time with others performing an activity that is enjoyable and intense.
Within a month of the break, numerous referrals had been generated among those 10 entrepreneurs who had been to the Corbett break and business worth many lakhs was executed in the few months that followed.
This is where, the idea for Jungli CEO was born.
Mohit and Rajesh who were strangers till then, immediately got together and validated the idea by repeating a couple of more breaks at 2 different destinations. The result was exactly the same. Some very interesting breaks have been planned and executed since then.
It’s purpose – to open up a whole new avenue of business networking to entrepreneurs, self employed professionals, business owners, decision makers in corporates and CXOs. To offer them the perfect blend of business and leisure at destinations that are a mix of wildlife, adventure, nature, trekking and offbeat activities in India and abroad.
Each of our breaks will be focussed on wildlife, bird life, adventure, trekking, hiking, camping or other offbeat activities. They will be tailored to the needs of the entrepreneurs and CXOs to connect with like-minded individuals away from the usual conferences, workshops, party and golf circuits.
Our mission is to touch a million entrepreneurial lives by helping build relationships and not just acquaintances.

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